How to burn uboot to T2081 custom board

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How to burn uboot to T2081 custom board

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Can any one share how to burn uboot.bin to a custom board which has only RCW programmed in the NOR flash?

Can i dump the uboot.bin of T2080 RDB to T2081 custom board?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Monali Haware,

For flash programming with CodeWarrior, please refer to the step by step document Flash Programmer for CodeWarrior Power Architecture.

Fist please create a bareboard project for the demo board, in the Debug Target Settings panel please select Connect/Download SRAM Launch configuration to use L2 Cache as SRAM to run the flash programming algorithm to avoid configuring DDR controller.

You also need to modify the default CodeWarrior initialization file for the demo board in <project_path>/CFG/T2080RDB-PCIe_init_sram.tcl according to your target board, probably you need to check and modify LAW, MMU and IFC controller timing configuration sections. For IFC controller configuration, you could refer to IFC Controller Configuration on QorIQ Custom Boards .

If there is no valid RCW on your target board, you could use hard-coded RCW on your custom board, then program RCW and u-boot.

In the PA Flash Programmer Task panel, you could add "Dump Flash" Action to dump the binary image on the target board.

If your NOR flash device is not listed in the device list in PA Flash Programmer Task, please refer to the application note C:\Freescale\CW_PA_v10.5.1\PA\PA_Tools\FlashToolKit\Documentation\AppNote-FlashProgrammer-PowerArchitecture.pdf to add new flash in CodeWarrior IDE.



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