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Flash Problem Need Help...

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Ok, we finally got the USB TAP to work by moving everything to a different computer.  Now we are trying to re-flash the mpc8272ADS using the PQ27e_init config file in the Linux Hosted version of CW for PPC, but CW keeps telling us that our flash is out of the correct range.  We are new to all of this stuff so any help on how to re-flash would be great!
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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

What version of Linux Hosted tools are you running?

Is that the exact message you receive or is it a message saying that there is no code within the range to program (or words to that effect)

Basically if you have a binary file to flash it contains no address information so you must apply an offset to tell the debugger where to program it. If the offset is NOT specified thne the programmer will try to load it at address 0x0. If you have defined your flash to be at say 0xfff00000 then the programmer will tel you that there is no code to load within the range.

With an elf image or an S-record file there is embedded address information so the programmer knows where to put the code. However again it depends whether your file was linked for a flash location or a RAM location so you still may need to add an offset.

Does that help?

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