Why is it broken? (CodeWarrior tool)

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Why is it broken? (CodeWarrior tool)

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Why is it broken? (CodeWarrior tool)


It's true, coding isn't always an easy job, specially when it comes to tools you are not familiar with. I'm not an expert atCodeWarrior, but I really enjoy developing embedded systems or at least parts of them. Obviously, there will be a bunch of error messages depicting on the IDE at the beginning. (great feature for some, altough C and C++ don't show lexic nor command mistakes right away).


While trying to pull off a set of code lines I had been working on, there usually come along a bunch of funy error messages deploying, such as  "illegal 'friend' declaration" or "function has no prototype".


Well, I recently found an updated  BUILD TOOLS MESSAGE REFERENCE MANUAL at Freescale's web page. The Build Tools Message Reference Manual documents the messages generated by your CodeWarrior build tools. This information helps you fix problems the build tools encounter as they build your projects. Note that this manual documents just those messages that are generated by compiler, assembler, and linker.


It shows a broad list of error messages and how to fix them, so go check it now, useful as it can be!

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