PA MCP8378 flash programming with CW-SUITE-BASIC

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PA MCP8378 flash programming with CW-SUITE-BASIC

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Hi, i have purchase the basic suite 10.5x and the codewarrior TAP, for one purpose - flash programming.

I have project which is working on professional suite 5.9 and codewarrior USB TAP ( old project old hardware).

I want to setup this project on 10.5 suite and codewarrior TAP, do i have to create new configuration files?

I follow the guide for flash programming (Document Number: AN4948 - Flash Programmer for CodeWarrior Power
Architecture) but no results.

attached prints screens and configuration files:

the "ddrabi_837xrdb_init.cfg" go to the memory configuration place

the "flash_prog_config_word_A0._test_foo40000.tcl" go to the Initialize target

the "8377 abi_configuration_word.txt" go to target type.

The CWTAP does connect to the 8378 you can see it in "run configuraton pic1" but than error appear as in "run configuration pic2". 

Please look at license log file for unsupported features.

( according the CW-SUITE-BASIC overview it should support flash programming.

See attached file: PA - flash supported device families (83xx)


what do i need to do to perform flash programming?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

There is problem to execute the CW initialization file, would you please refer to the following procedure to capture the low level CCS log to us to do more investigation?

please enable CCS log from "Run->Debug Configurations-><project>-core0_RAM_<processor>-Connect(Download)->Edit...->Advanced->Advanced CCS setting->Enable logging", and connect to the target from "Run->Debug Configurations-><project>-core0_RAM_<processor>-Connect(Download)->Debug”, the CCS log will be displayed in the console panel in CodeWarrior IDE.
If the CCS log in the console is truncated, please enlarge the console buffer from Window->Preferences->Run/Debug->Console->uncheck "Limit console output".
(Please open the console panel from Window->Show View->Console, and if nothing displayed, please choose the correct session on the right top icon in the panel.)

Have a great day,

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