Optimizing CodeWarrior on HCS08 Cores

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Optimizing CodeWarrior on HCS08 Cores

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Optimizing CodeWarrior on HCS08 Cores

This document describes two sets of options and pragmas that can be used with the CodeWarrior tools to produce optimal code for the HCS08 cores. One set optimizes the size of the code; another set optimizes the execution speed.


You can use the build tools options and pragmas described in this document for optimal performance, but the build tools settings must be set according to the application being developed. Don't worry, DebuggerGuys provide you with app notes like this to make the job quickly and easy!

Optimal Performance on HCS08 Cores

(For more information on the HCS08 Compiler, refer to CodeWarrior Development Studio for Microcontrollers V10.x HC(S)08 web page.)


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