MPC 8321 : issues for NOR Flashing & USB TAP Connectivity Problems

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MPC 8321 : issues for NOR Flashing & USB TAP Connectivity Problems

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Dear All,


I am facing some problems on flashing of NOR (s29AL032D70)on MPC 8321 Custom Board. I am new to Code warrior and installed new setup of code warrior Version 8.8 Professional Edition on my Host PC (XP & Windows 7 As well).I am using Code warrior USB TAP for debugging purpose.


The steps following are described below.

1.Open Code warrior and click on tools-->flash programmer

2. I provide initialization script & xml file on the Target Configuration.

3. Select the flash on Flash Configuration.

4.On Erase/Blank Check Tab, Select the All sectors and clicked on Erase/Blank Check.

5. In the Program/Verify Tab give the input as binary file.


The above steps worked well in the Previous setup of Code warrior v 8.8.I re-installed the code Warrior these are the problems facing.


After Step 4,

The initialization script is running on the Target via Jtag and occurs error at the end as Initialization Failed on Status.

The exact error is CCS Protocol plugin : Could n't connect to the Selected Core  #0(on Windows 7) and Connecting........(on windows XP).


on the Debug Console of Code warrior, These are the error logs at the End.


CCS:   :    ccs_write_mem; ccs_error = 0; duration=0 ms

CCS: 0000    :    ccs_write_reg

CCS:   :   coreh = [serverh:0;cc_index:0;chain_pos:0]
CCS:   :   index = 2034
CCS:   :   count = 1
CCS:   :   value: (size = 1)
CCS:   :     0x00003000
CCS:   :    ccs_write_reg; ccs_error = 0; duration=0 ms

CCS: 0000    :    ccs_read_mem

CCS:   :   coreh = [serverh:0;cc_index:0;chain_pos:0]
CCS:   :   addr = [space:0;size:4;address:0xe0000800]
CCS:   :   data: (size = 4)
CCS:   :     C8D91000
CCS:   :    ccs_read_mem; ccs_error = -2147483643; duration=16 ms
CCS:   :   Error message: 

SAP: corrupt read



The instruction at the initialization script causes error is


ANDMem.l 0xE0000800 0x00300000 # ACR - Enable Core


After the instruction is executed the core is not responding and flash utility throws an error.



Please Help me to sort out the Problem.

Is there any patches required for Code warrior v 8.8 ?


I am attaching full logs of Code warrior Debug Terminal.


Thanks & Regards

Rama Krishna


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello rama krishna vishnummolakala,

There are patch for Windows 7 for CodeWarrior 8.8, you could download from Freescale website after login with user name and passward.

CodeWarrior Development Tools for PowerQUICC|Freescale

Are you using CodeWarrior TAP or USB TAP?



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