MCUs V10.x. FAQs

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MCUs V10.x. FAQs

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MCUs V10.x. FAQs

There have been some questions around here about Freescale's CodeWarrior Tool, it's features and what it's possible to do with it (and there are tooons of things!!!).


Regarding the last post about MCU V10.x, i found this FAQ guide that can be really useful, specially if we are beginners or we'd like to get everything clear and loud. Hope it's as useful to you as it is for me!!!


This FAQ Guide lists most frequently asked or most anticipated questions about Microcontrollers V10.x. In this document, the FAQs are divided into various categories based on the Microcontrollers V10.x feature they are associated with, such as Installation, IDE, Editor, Project Management, Project, Compiler, Assembler, Linker, Debugger, Debugger Shell, USBTAP, Ethernet TAP, and Profiling and Analysis Tools.



IDE and Installation

Lists IDE related FAQs

Project Management

Lists project management related FAQs


Lists project related FAQs


Lists compiler related FAQs


Lists linker related FAQs


Lists debugger related FAQs

Debugger Shell

Lists debugger shell related FAQs

Profilling and Analysis Tool

Lists profiler related FAQs


Take a look here!




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