Errors in Freescale CodeWarrior during building

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Errors in Freescale CodeWarrior during building

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Good afternoon fellows of enineering, I've got the following problem which has been penetrating my nerves for hours and I really didn't make any progress.

The case: When I'm building my project on an Windows-XP OS in the 'CodeWarrior for DSC56800E v8.3' I get the following errors:

1) During the building process It tells me that an errors occured when moving file xxx.h from C/Users/Nick/AppData/Local/Temp..... to the actual location of the files. So the first directory doesn't even exist.

2) Also I get the error: 'Cant write application xxx.elf where in xxx on of the targets xyz_pROM_xRAM is involved-

I would be very thankful and send you an imaginary bar of chocolate if anybody would help me.

greetings Nick

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Please send me your demo project. I need produce it and work on it directly. Thanks for your understanding.

Best Regards

Jun Zhang

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