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Embedded Warrior Library for C

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Embedded Warrior Library for C

The CodeWarrior C and C++ compilers use the Embedded Warrior Library (EWL) for C to provide and extend the libraries documented in the ISO/IEC standards for C. EWL C also offers facilities described in the POSIX specification and some common application programming iwnterfaces (APIs) from UNIX operating systems.


Intrinsic functions generate in-line assembly code instead of making a call to a library function. Intrinsic functions generate less object code and perform faster than their regular counterparts. In some cases these functions generate just a single assembly instruction.Get the EWL for C   n o w !



For the EWL C++ reference libraries you can also find:


  • The EWL C++ Library Overview of thismanual describes the language support library that provides components that are required by certain parts of the C++ language, such as memory allocation and exception processing.


  • “LanguageSupport Library” discusses the ANSI/ISO language support library.


  • Diagnostics Library elaborates on the diagnostics library that provides a consistent framework for reporting errorsina C++ program, including predefined exception classes.


  • General Utilities Libraries discusses the general utilities library, which includes components used by other library elements, such as predefined storage allocator for dynamic storage management.


  • Strings Library discusses the strings components provided for manipulating text represented as sequences of type char, sequences of typewchar_t, or sequences of any other “character-like” type.


  • ...and so on! Find out what the rest of the libraries have got to give you to improve and update CodeWarrior tools! Check out the manual here!
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