S08PT60-EVK: looking for full manual guide

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S08PT60-EVK: looking for full manual guide

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Hello team,

I am looking for full manual guide for S08PT60-EVK‌ since I am planning to use the EVK BDM programmer to flash an external target device and the only guide I have found on NXP website is S08PT60 Evaluation Kit - Quick Start Guide 

Could you please share the full manual guide or will you be able to guide me on which jumpers need to modify in order to config the EVK to works with off-board target devices?

besides that, I have found it a difficult time to install BDMProgrammer from the NXP site (LFBDMPGMRS08FW.exe).

I am getting the following message: the setup ended prematurely because of an error... and then exit.

needs this tool to flash .BIN into the S08PL off-board device?

this is a followup inquiry to my updated post from S08PT60 Evaluation Kit, looking for example code in C/C++

Could you please advise back for both my inquires, Thanks in advance and take care.



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi, there is no other manual for that board.

If you want to program other devices using the OSBDM on the S08PT60-EVK you need to remove that J5 and J8 and you need to take the signal from the JM60, on J5 reset for your external device, and on J8 for the BKGD for your external device, also you need to have the same VDD and GND on your external device and on the S08PT60-EVK.

Please check the schematics for this board

I have not done this using the S08PT60-EVK, but I have  done on other S08 board (including S08PT family) 

I have used the flash file to target on CodeWarrior to program an S19 to an external device.



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Vicente Gomez Salazar‌ Hello,

Thank you for your promoted answer,  I have followed you're suggesting but somehow when I tried to flash an off-board target using S08PT60-EVK, the S08PT60-EVK MC9S08JM60 got broken since I got the following Error also for the off-board target (S08PL4) but also for the onboard S08PT60 has stopped working:

fl::target -lc "Test1.0"

fl::target -b 0x40 0x200

fl::target -v off -l off

cmdwin::fl::device -d "MC9S08PL4_FLASH" -o "2kx16x1" -a 0xf000 0xffff

cmdwin::fl::image -f "C:\\NXP\\S08PT60-EVK\\Test.abs.s19" -t "Auto Detect" -re on -r 0xf000 0xffff -oe off

cmdwin::fl::erase image

Beginning Operation ...   


Auto-detection is successful.  

  File is of type Motorola S-Record Format.  


Performing target initialization ...   

Error:  Connect Failed.

Can't connect. The Debugger can not connect to the P&E device(HC/RS/S12Z GDI Protocol Adapter)

Error: Connect Failed.


Could you please advise if there is any way to reflash/reprogramme the MC9S08JM60 (programmer/debugger) of the  S08PT60-EVK, in order to fix the kit?

Thanks in advance, Kind regards,


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


you will need a multilink or cyclone to program the OSBDM (JM60) and you can download the firmware from

PEmicro | Experts in Embedded tools for Flash Programming and Development 

I hope this will help you.