Using IDcode.tcl and Scanboard

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Scanboard is a tcl proc within the IDcode.tcl script that can be used as a quick sanity check for basic JTAG connectivity. This routine will return the JTAG ID codes for devices on the scanchain and if they are known Freescale devices (at the time the script was last updated) the core indexes will also be displayed for CodeWarrior project configuration. IDcode.tcl is included automatically during the CodeWarrior installation but updates may be available.


This script is executed within the CodeWarrior Connection Server (CCS) and not the CodeWarrior IDE itself where ccs is the conduit that the CodeWarrior Debugger talks to the TAP hardware. CCS can also be used standalone but this is not a supported mode and the use of it is not documented.


On a windows machine start ccs via the Start menu for the CodeWarrior installation you wish to use.


i.e. Start → All Programs → Freescale CodeWarrior →CW for Power Architecture v10.2.1→ CodeWarrior Connection Server


CCS starts iconized in the task bar so double click on the icon to display the ccs console window



On a Linux machine start ccs manually via the ccs executable location within the CodeWarrior installation directory ($CW_INSTALLDIR)/PA/ccs/bin/ccs


i.e. /usr/local/Freescale/CodeWarrior_PA_10.2.1/PA/ccs/bin/ccs


Once the CCS console is available the IDcode.tcl file must be brought into the tcl environment via the source command. Beware that on a Linux system the file name is case sensitive.


% source IDcode.tcl


The script will automatically query the host system to determine if there are any available CodeWarriorTAP or USBTAP devices connected via USB which can be used for a remote connection. Specify the connection option that is attached to the target system. For example to configure the connection to be a CodeWarriorTAP on the network select 2 and then enter the IP address or the CodeWarriorTAP name if it is in the host table or can be found within the DNS tables.


It is also possible to predefine custom remote connections via the DefinedCCSConnections.tcl located within the …/ccs/bin directory as well. See this file for details.


Once the remote connection has been specified the script will the automatically execute the scanboard proc and attempt to read back the IDcode(s) available on the JTAG scanchain.




In this example the CodeWarriorTAP is connected to a system that has a T4240 processor and displays the IDcode for this device. If there had been multiple processors available on the scan chain each device would have been identified and displayed.

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