Boot The i.mx6 dual With Linux+uC/OS-II AMP

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AMP:(Asymmetric Multiple Processing)


Scenario:cpu core 0 run Linux, cpu core 1 run uC/OS-II RTOS. HDMI display panel link to Linux, LCD display panel link to uC/OS-II RTOS.



Mars Board(freesclae i.mx6 dual Coretex-A9 core, 1GB 64bit DDR3)

Panda Board(TIOMAP4460 dual Cortex-A9 core, 1GB 32bit DDR3)

Altera SoC EVMBoard(dual Cortex-A9 core, (512MB+256MB ECC) DDR3 on HPS, 512MB on FPGA)


Video Demo On Mars Board:




AMP Port:

Linux SMP boot procedure is not mention here, For detail about the Linux SMP boot procedure please refer to the document here, just move the boot secondary procedure from Linux to U-boot as figure 1 in the AMP implementation, and figure2 describe the GIC relationship between two core and physical memory layout between Linux and uC/OS-II.

Figure 1

Figure 2



Display Subsystem Block on Mars Board and Panda Board:



Figure 3 imx6 display subsystem(Mars Board)


Figure 4 omap4460 display subsystem on panda board

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