Installing and Configuring QT Creator (Ubuntu)

Document created by Francisco Alberto Carrillo Dominguez Employee on Mar 14, 2013
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Qt Creator can be a very good IDE in order to develop great QT applications. This IDE does not only helps with syntax highlighting, access to examples and tutorials, but also helps you to configure different toolchains Qt binary versions and target options.


First download the binary installer from:


For 32 bits:


$ wget


For 64 bits:


$ wget


execute the binary


$ ./qt-creator-linux-x86_64-opensource-2.6.2.bin


Follow the Installer GUI and choose a location. Default options should be OK.


in my case the installation was done here:

$ /home/b35153/qtcreator-2.6.2/bin


Open Qt Creator (in my case from command line, use "&" to regain control of the terminal)


$./qtcreator &




Open Tools -> Options


Choose Build & Run  on the menu of the left. and Select the Compilers Tab


Here you can add the toolchain GCC compiler of your convenience. It will appear in the "Manual"  section.





Now click on Qt Version Tab.  Here you can add the Qmake that you had created with your Qt installation; for example, the Qt5 installation described here:

Building QT for i.MX6


It will appear in the Manual section. In my case I have Qmake for PC and Qmake for i.MX6.




Now click on Kits Tab


Here you can create combinations of Compilers and Qmake, and also specify where do you want the executables to go. In my case here I combined the i.MX6 toolchain and the Qmake for I.MX6 i had created.


I did not set up device configuration since the sysroot is already shared to my device via NFS, but you can configure it so the files are sent via ssh to your device.





And that's It!


Next time you load a project you can choose which Kit you want to work on, and it will be compiled just as you need.