CodeWarrior and ColdFire get optimized!

Document created by Monica Arvizu Employee on Sep 9, 2012Last modified by Diana Torres on Feb 28, 2017
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To start expanding horizons in CodeWarrior, a great portfolio to use is definetely ColdFire, which houses 32-bit MCUs solutions.


Enabled by a vast ecosystem of development tools and design resources, development on 32-bit gets as easy as it can be!


After having the proper guidance on ColdFire projects, one of the most important things to do is to optimize devices as for speed and size. Not saying that it is completely necessary, but if you already have it, why not using it?


The following documentation is a complete guide to configure compiler options for optimal performance of ColdFire devices, and provides two sets of options to do this:

One set optimizes speed;

Another set optimizes code size.


Besides, the document contains two main forms of pulling this optimizations off:

• MCU 10.x Eclipse IDE

• Command Line


Both ways are functional if you want to configure compiler options for speed or size, it's up to you!


It's easily and quickly done, get a try of the application note here! Configuration