Important updates when using LPCXpresso55S69 Revision A2 boards and 1B silicon

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The LPC55S6x family was initial silicon die version was 0A, and this silicon was using on Revision A1 LPCXpresso55S69 boards. Revision 1B silicon has been used on Revision A2 boards. Both versions of silicon support the new, more robust debug session request method, but 1B silicon requires its use. If the correct version of IDE and/or debug probe drivers are not used then debug operation will be affected or non-functional. 


When using Revision A2 boards, the current software release versions are required:


MCUXpresso IDE Version  11.0.1 or later (11.1 or later recommended)
[Note: IDE 11.0.1 may also be used but when using Revision A1 boards a hot fix is required for this release. See  MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.1 LPC55xx Debug Hotfix ]

Note that you may need to start from a new workspace if transitioning from one developed using a Revision A1 board to a Revision A2 board (or any target system using Revision 1B silicon).


IAR Embedded Workbench version 8.40.2 or later


Keil uVISION LPC55S6x Device Family Pack (DFP) 12.0.1 or later



J-link version 6.54c or later should be used (from the SEGGER download site), and V6.64 or later is recommended. When using J-link with non-SEGGER IDEs (MCUXpresso, IAR, Keil), ensure that you IDE configuration is pointing to the latest J-Link drivers.

If using MCUXpresso IDE 11.0.1 the included J-link drivers need to be updated to the latest version to support Revision A1 boards. See Updating a SEGGER J-Link installation on Windows for more information.


For more information about silicon revision and tools, please refer to Understanding LPC55S6x Revisions and Tools 

Please also note that there are Chinese versions of description regarding board revision, silicon revision and the corresponding tools as shown below: