Troubleshooting: PEMicro Debugging: Problems resuming from breakpoint in vTaskDelay

Document created by Mike Doidge Employee on Sep 16, 2019
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I am trying FreeRTOS using S32K118 EVB and run in DEBUG mode. When I set the break point in vTaskDelay and press Resume for the first time, there is a smooth stop at the break point. The second time I press Resume, the debugger should enter the same break point again, but there is no response. Then I press Suspend and can't press Resume again, at this point I can only leave. However, I am free to run this project with no problem, what's wrong?



This is due to an access of DDR memory region which is not initialized by default project settings.



To resolve it, a macro initializing the DDR memory should be selected to run at the beginning of a debug session. A user should go to Advanced Options dialog and check "Enable initialization script". Our DDR init macros can be found at the following location within S32DS3.2 layout: eclipse\plugins\com.pemicro.debug.gdbjtag.pne_4.2.8.201909091700\win32\gdi\P&E\supportFiles_ARM\NXP\S32Vxxx\S32V234M100_DDR3_EVB29288.mac. Please note that the type of the macro might depend on the revision of the board and S32V23x device one is working with. I am also attaching a picture of debug configuration and Advanced Options dialog with all the settings in place.