OpenWRT Thread Border Router using i.MX6UL

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This demo showcases an OpenWRT based Thread Border router running on i.MX6UL and the various options to configure and use routing, firewall and out of band commissioning for Thread networks in combination with WiFi, Ethernet and NFC. OpenWRT is an open source Linux distribution for embedded devices specifically designed for residential gateways and routers. When enhanced with the Kinetis Thread protocol it offers the perfect solutions for creating a Linux based Thread Border Router



Large and dense mesh network consisting in 64+ Thread nodes

Each node is router capable, network decides dynamically which nodes become active routers

Multiple application functionality run in parallel:

  • Device addressing and identification
  • Lighting demonstration with multicast
  • Occupancy sensing demonstration
  • Border Router with Network management web GUI



  • Application layer communication based on generic CoAP framework
  • CoAP messaging aligned with current ZigBee or OIC frameworks
  • Kinetis KW2xD and Kinetis KW41 ARM Cortex-M4/M0+ MCUs with large on-board memory (up to 512KB flash/128 KB RAM) enable multiple applications to run on a common Thread IP network fabric.
  • 1 i.MX6UL ARM Cortex-A7 with Kinetis KW2xD Linux Border Router used for interfacing with network management GUI
  • Network management and interoperable Thread diagnostics framework used to monitor node state
  • Nodes are enabled for OTA Updates


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