LPC4088 Closed Payment Loop Demo - Getting Started - Compile

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LPC4088 Closed Payment Loop Demo - Compiling the software & flashing the board


After connecting the three boards together, it's time to compile the software and flash it onto the board. To do so, please follow below steps.


      1. Download the software.
      2. Unzip the software.
      3. Open the Keil Multi-Project workspace by opening the file .\LPC4088 POS Demo\Project_BlueboardPOS_Workspace.uvmpw. Note: Keil version V.4.54 or higher is required to open the workspace correctly. If you do not meet this requirement, an error will be shown when opening the workspace.
      4. Compile project "CDL" by right-clicking on the CDL project and selecting option "Set as Active Project" (1). Next, click on the "Rebuild" button (2)
      5. Repeat Step 4) for the 4 remaining projects (BSP, emWinlib, NxpRdLib_PublicRelease, Project_BlueboardPOS).
      6. Connect the Keil ULINK2 debugger to the baseboard (J8). If any other debugger than the Keil ULINK2 is used, the Keil project should be changed to use this other debugger.
      7. Power-up the board. Although the Embedded Artists base-board can be powered by a USB connection, it is advisable to use the power-jack because of the high-power consumption of the 7" LCD. Powering the board by USB may result in incorrect behavior.
      8. With project "Project_BlueboardPOS" set as active project, click on the "Load" button (LPC4088-POS-DEMO-COMPILE-LOAD.png). This will load the compiled POS demo to the FLASH.


Proceed to "Running the demo"