i.MX31 PDK

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The i.MX31 PDK, with Smart Speed™ technology, is a completely integrated hardware and software solution that simplifies product development so you can focus on your critical differentiation needed for market success. Reduce development time, and design products that have power to spare, even when running multiple applications simultaneously. Receive stellar image and graphic performance in a system design that dramatically reduces power consumption.

The i.MX31 PDK provides:
  • Modular hardware enabling multiple connectivity technologies
  • Optimized development software for Linux®, Windows® CE 5.0 and Windows Embedded CE 6.0 operating systems
  • Out-of-box experience, complete with demonstration software and performance data
  • Maximum performance and power savings
  • Complete "Design. Debug. Demo." capability as simple as 1,2,3
i.MX31 Applications Processor Module
  • i.MX31 Applications Processor - ARM11™
  • 128 MB DDR SDRAM
  • Power Management (PMIC MC13783) + Power Circuitry
  • Audio
  • Touch Controller
  • Connector
Debug Module (Software Development)
  • Debug Ethernet Port
  • Debug Serial Port
  • JTAG
  • Reset, Interrupt, Boot Switches
  • Debug LEDs
  • CodeTest Interface
  • Power Source
  • Current/Power Monitoring
Personality Module (Demo-ready)
  • Acceleromater MMA7450L (Freescale)
  • User I/O
  • Connectivity (FM, 802.11, Bluetooth, USB OTG, USB HS)
  • Button
  • 2.7"TFT Display
  • 2MP Camera Module
  • SDcard, ATA HDD
  • External Connectors (dock, headphones, TV out, GPS)
  • Microphone
  • Speaker



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i.MX31 PDK Contents

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