P4040 Software Tools - CodeWarrior Specific FAQs

Document created by Omar Cruz Employee on Aug 6, 2012
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Usually, when I turn on the option of "reset target on launch" CW resets CPU again while connecting to CPU. With P4040, CodeWarrior (CW) does not connect to CPU when the option is on, only when I disable the option, CW can connect to CPU. What could be the problem?

. "Reset target on launch" asserts HRESET to the target, thereby resetting the hardware. In most cases this is a required step, but where you don't want to assert HRESET or where your Target Initialization (.cfg) file does this for you with the "reset 1" command, you can do without this option enabled.

"P10xx-P20xxRDB_P1011_jtag.txt" JTAG Configuration file is required by 8.8 CW PA for all single-core P10xx processors. Please load the “P20xxRDB_P1011_jtag.txt" JTAG Configuration file in your USB TAP configuration panel you mentioned about.

1) Set MACCFG1[Rx_Flow] && MACCFG1[Tx_Flow] to 1 2) Set RCTRL[LFC] to 1.