Using the CodeWarrior TAP with the DSC

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The USB TAP for DSC has been used with the DSC for many years.

Provision has been made to utilize a newer programming hardware module, the CodeWarrior TAP.

Now, with a simple upgrade to software (the ccs directory of CodeWarrior), the DSC may also be used with the CodeWarrior TAP's USB interface.


CodeWarrior 8.3 for DSC unmodified is not able to use the CodeWarrior TAP (but of course works with the USB TAP for DSC).

To upgrade your CodeWarrior 8.3 for DSC to be able to use the CodeWarrior TAP (as well as the USB TAP for DSC), get this file from

(Also it would be a good idea to review AN4824, also available at the same site.)


The zip file includes the software for the standalone programmer.  This includes the new CCS directory, which may replace the CCS directory in CodeWarrior 8.3 for DSC, thus effecting the upgrade.

Note, the application associated with already works with the CodeWarrior TAP, as well as the USB TAP for DSC.


To upgrade CW 8.3 for DSC, merely delete the CCS directory from CW 8.3 for DSC.

Then, replace that directory with the CCS directory available in the

(Once you install, the CCS directory typically ends up at C:\Freescale\Freescale DSC Flasher, if C: is your drive and you use the default install options.)


This will give a new CCS directory to CodeWarrior 8.3 for DSC that functions both with the USB TAP for DSC, and the CodeWarrior TAP.

Then, both CodeWarrior for DSC and the standalone flash programmer will both work with both the USB TAP for DSC, and the CodeWarrior TAP.

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