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How to activate CS on SPI2 Kinetis

Question asked by OldNick on Oct 4, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2011 by Petr MacHala


stupid question time again folks. :robotsad:


Running the SPI master example code from the tower, and ported to my target (K20)


I have attached my SPI memory device to SPI2 (pins 144-141 on QFP), and configured the IO init to alt 2 for those pins.

(Cannot use SPI2_PCS0 because the flexbus wants that pin, so expect to use SPI2_PCS1 as a negated CS)


user config enables spi2:

fopen works, and pushes pin 144 high.


bus accesses drive clock cycles, but CS stays high forever.


RM says you con't need a callback for DSPI in Kinetis.  Polled driver seems loop from 1 to 8 looking for an appropriate CS but then skips assertion becasue callback is NULL.


Tried setting CS to 1 using IOCTL call

param = 1;

ioctl (spifd, IO_IOCTL_SPI_SET_CS, &param)


Any ideas? Documentation is as helpful as ever.