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a newby's connection problems with OSBDM

Discussion created by Sylvia Kriegbaum on May 30, 2011
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Hello world!


We in our company want to use a twr-mcf52259 controller and we've got the free CodeWarrior 10.1. We're about to use MQX 3.7. That ist why we want to start with a MQX example project.

I've got the OSBDM-JM60.dll library on my computer and the osbdm connection is visible on my windows device manager.


When I try to debug, however, the following error occurs:

Failed to resume Target Process, Coldfire GDI Protocol Adapter: Can't connect.

The debugger can not load the OSBDM DLL


To use the Change Device/Connection Assistent is not  possible.


Does someone have an idea or does, perhaps, understand the error message?