Debug with Demo Board over Win 7 x64

Discussion created by sebasira on Sep 22, 2010
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Hello everybody... after reading a lot of threads and following peg's advises, I decided to run CW 6.1 on a win 7 64-bits PC, using a DEMO JM Board to debug other MCU rather than JM, in this case is a QE


Well, as you may know CW 6.1 could not be installed on win 7 x64. So, doing as this thread said, I copied an installed CW 6.1 from a win XP x32 PC. Now the CW 6.1 IDE runs over win 7 x64. The problem is that I cannot use my demoJM to debug because it's not recognized.


I try what kef suggested HERE, copying PEUSBW2.DLL and wdapi900_32.dll (renamed as wdapi900.dll) to CW\prog (also I try to CW\prog\P&E) and nothing happend. I think it may be necesary to notice that my win 7 PC didn't have any of these files... HiWave still couldn't find the board.

Then I try this thread. Here they talk about 4 files, each has a different version number according to the CW version in use. I think I may not understand quiet well this part. Should I name the downloaded files as in my folder? I mean replace the old ones, with the new ones renamed as the old ones.


Well, in my CW 6.1 installation I've got:

- ICDrs08_dll_v109.dll

- ICD08z_dll_v153.dll

- prog08z_dll_v153.dll

- prog08z_dll_v155.dll

- progrs08_dll_v108.dll


Wich names should I use? I'm confused


A couple of questions:

1) When first install P&E drivers v10 (on win 7), I install them in C.\pemicro... Is that ok? Is it irrelevant?

2) Inside c:\Program Files(x86)\Freescale\CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers V6.1\Drivers I have driver version 9, because I copied it from the win XP PC... Is it fine? Or should I put there the v10 driver?


I'm having the same problem as layman in the first post here (look for the attached JPG). Except that under "Device Manager" I've got:



    +---------- PEMicro USB and Serial Interface (i00)

    +---------- PEMicro USB and Serial Interface (i01)

    +---------- WinDriver


Please, any clue would be appreciatted. Thanks in advance!!!