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Can somebody explain why PORTTD is "dreaded"?

Discussion created by Michael Predko on Sep 5, 2010
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Hi Folks,


I'm working with the MCF52223, trying to get the PWMs working under MQX and I'm trying to figure out some discrepancies I am finding in the manual as well as MQX. 


If I look at Table 2.1 in the Reference Manual, it indicates that the GPT3:0/PWM7,5,3,1 map to a GPIO pin as their quaternary function.  Jumping to Figure 12-1, they are listed as being on PORTTD BUT, in the rest of section 12, there is no mention of any registers for TD.  Nor is there any reference to a "PTDPAR" register in table A3, the register list at the end of the RM.  Similarly, when I go through the MQX source code for the gpio device drivers, there is no reference to these GPIOs or PORTTD. 


In section 26.1 of the RM there is the Note: "The GPIO module must be configured to enable the peripheral function of the appropriate pins (refer to Chapter 12, "General Purpose I/O Module") prior to configuring the PWM module." which leads me to believe I have to write to the PTDPAR register. 


When I look through the forums, I see a comment about PORTTD being "dreaded" but I can't find any other information. 


Could somebody please explain what are the issues with PORTTD and whether or not I can use PWM 7, 5, 3, 1 as is, and how do I ensure the Quad Function Pin Assignment Register for PORTTD (PTDPAR - which I can't find any reference of other than the ones cited above) will output a PWM signal as required?