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Cannot get CW for Coldfire 7.2 EVAL to run.   WHY?

Question asked by Bill Mohat on Apr 21, 2010
Latest reply on May 8, 2014 by Ed Smith

    I have been able to get CW for ColdFire ver. 7.2 EVALUATION version to run on several PCs, but not on my main workstation PC.   The Installation seems to work fine (no errors are reported).   But when I try to run CodeWarrior, it starts to bring up the background of the IDE, then immediately "crashes".   Windows opens a dialog box that reports that:


           Integrated Development Environment has encountered a

           problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.   (etc, etc.)


           And, this dialog box asks if I want to send a problem report to Microsoft or not.



    Now, this is the 30-day EVAL copy (I haven't loaded any "dongle drivers" or license files yet.)   The IDE just

won't just blows away within 3 or 4 seconds after starting.


      Every PC I was able to get CW to run on was a uniprocessor PC.  My "workstation" PC is a Intel QUAD processor,

running XP Pro (32 bit).   Does CW not run on multi-core PCs?


      One other possibility:  my "workstation" PC has many programs on it that are managed by FlexLM.   Many of these programs are 10 years old or older, so there are many copies of FlexLM and  in that PC.    Is it possible that lmgrd  might be fighting with older versions?   If so, how can I debug / fix this?   FlexLM is a DISASTER when trying to run many licensed programs on the same PC.   Can anyone help me with this>?