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MCF52233 CW7.2 Error: Exception Vector Name: Address Error

Question asked by Peter Silon on Apr 7, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2013 by Marc Vandenhende



I'm using board with MCF52233 80 LQFP + CW7.2 + ColdFire Lite TCP/IP stack 3.2.


Trying to compile and debug the m5223x_evb project. "Make" the project and upload it to MCU goes without any problems.

But after few seconds of debugging CW throws me an error  "Exception Vector Name: Address Error" and show me the instruction that most probably cause it.


    link    A6,#-8
    movem.l D6-D7,(SP)

    move.w  SR,D7       /* current sr    */

    move.l  D7,D0       /* prepare return value  */
    andi.l  #0x0700,D0  /* mask out IPL  */
    lsr.l   #8,D0       /* IPL   */

    move.l  8(A6),D6    /* get argument  */
    andi.l  #0x07,D6        /* least significant three bits  */
    lsl.l   #8,D6       /* move over to make mask    */

    andi.l  #0x0000F8FF,D7  /* zero out current IPL  */
    or.l    D6,D7           /* place new IPL in sr   */
    move.w  D7,SR

    movem.l (SP),D6-D7
    lea     8(SP),SP
unlk    A6



Routine change the IPL to anither vaule pased as parameter and return the old IPL value.


Data and code size a way below maximum values.

Did somebody know where can be a problem ?

Thank you.