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Freescale Ethernet TAP

Question asked by Amol Lad on Jan 5, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2010 by Tom Thompson



I've just received my new freescale Ethernet TAP for coldfire (MCF5445x). I do not get any output on TAP serial port. I've made sure all the serial parameters (9600-8-N-1) and connections are fine. My setup is below

- Connect supplied power supply cable to Ethernet TAP probe

- Connect Ethernet TAP probe config connector to the host PC using supplied RJ-11 serial cable and 9 pin adapter

- Turn on the power supply



- HEARTBEAT LED flashes RED (This is expected as per manual)

- Run/PAUSE LED flashes RED (This is NOT expected as per manual. I've still not connected debugger probe tip to the TAP so this LED should be OFF as per manual)


I'm not sure what I'm missing (I've not connected Ethernet Cable to the TAP)


Thanks for your help