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HCS08 Flash Programmer for USBDM

Question asked by pgo on Dec 8, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by Nicholas Delgado

Dear All,


Attached is a stand-alone Flash programming utility for HCS08 devices.


  • Command line usage is available for batch files.
  • GUI usage is available for interactive use.
  • Supports most HCS08 chips (Paged memory is not supported).
  • Trimming of internal target clock to specified frequency.
  • Programming of security options to leave the chip unsecured or secured after programming.
  • May be used to unsecure chips (by mass erase).
  • The code has been written in a modular fashion. It should be straightforward to re-use the flash programming code to create other custom programming utilities.


I have tested it on a range of devices and I have found no (more) bugs.  However, no guarantees are given!






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