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I am working on UART code using MQX now. I went the user guide and the example code. I am still not clear on how should i initialise the uart function and transmit or received a set of data. I know the following steps are require for a UART to work


1) Initailise the UART port with required baud rate, parity and stop bits

3) Initialise the interrupt register to enable the UART ISR

4) Transmit the data to the UART TX register to transmit the data

5) Receive the data from UARTRX register to receive the data.

6) Change the baud rate if required.


But i am not clear on how sholud this be done using MQX . Please help me in explaining the steps i need to follow for writing code using MQX. I would be more happy if the steps are explained using example code. I am struck up with this module and looking forward for help at the earliest.


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