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S32K ISELED buffer override

Question asked by Christian Mächler on Jul 23, 2020
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I am using the S32K144 with the ISELED driver (S32K1_ISELED_RTM_4.0.0) and have trouble receiving upstream data.


If I only send downstream data (digLED_Set_RGB) to the ISELEDs, everything works fine.

However when I also send an upstream command (digLED_Read_Temp), at some point the ISELED driver will override

my the reception buffer digLEDResultBufferStrip and the memory after that with zeros (basically the buffer then contains the (more or less expected) responses of all LEDs and then zeros afterwards in the unused buffer space, which i filled with dummy values beforehand and more zeros in the memory locations after that).


The ISELED UserGuide states that the ISELED reception buffer should be double in size as the number of LEDs used, but even if I use five times the size, the driver will override the buffer and the memory after that.

The override mostly seems to have happened when the callback function returns with CRC_ERROR or sometimes RECEPTION_TIMEOUT.


Does anyone else experienced or solved this problem before and can help me?