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How to set flexspi1 clock source

Question asked by Vasudhevan G on Jun 18, 2020
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    Board = IMXRT 1064 evk

    my main project integrated  to evkmimxrt1064_flash_component_nor example code.

My previous question(How to write structure in FLEXSPI1 QSPI flash  ) as i mentioned clock source giving error.

    CLOCK_InitUsb1Pfd(kCLOCK_Pfd0, 24);   /* Set PLL3 PFD0 clock 360MHZ. */
    CLOCK_SetMux(kCLOCK_FlexspiMux, 0x3); /* Choose PLL3 PFD0 clock as flexspi source clock. */
    CLOCK_SetDiv(kCLOCK_FlexspiDiv, 2);   /* flexspi clock 120M. */

 If i use below code hard fault error avoided.

    CLOCK_SetMux(kCLOCK_FlexspiMux, 0x2); /* Choose PLL2 PFD2 clock as flexspi source clock. 396M */
    CLOCK_SetDiv(kCLOCK_FlexspiDiv, 2);   /* flexspi clock 133M. */

  But issue is writing and reading data is not proper.

  Some time working properly but some time its not working.

  1) This issue because of clock source ?

  2) How to set proper clock to avoid hard fault error ?


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