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Lin stack issue:incorrect sync delimiter length

Question asked by ANGANG HAO on Jun 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2020 by Diana Batrlova

I developed a software using Lin stack as the master role to send 2 lin messages to control 2 slaves to light the led respectively.

If I only connected  any one of the  slave to LIN bus together with Master, it works well.

If I added another slave to LIN bus to work together with their, the connection will be failed. At that time,  "RcvError(responses invalid header)" will be reported in Event Type column and "Incorrect sync delimiter length" will be reported in Data column when I using CANalyzer to check the trace window.

Did any person have ever has this kind of issue? was it related to the LIN stack configuration or had some other reason?


Thanks in advance  !