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iMX8M nano and iMX8 QuadMax eMMC Flash

Question asked by nandish sg on May 21, 2020
Latest reply on May 21, 2020 by nandish sg

Hi  ALL,


I am trying to flash the linux yocto images on eMMC of i.MX8 Quadmax MEK and i.MX8 Nano EVK board. by using the UUU tool. but no luck its not able to flash on the eMMC of these boards and i set the boot device configuration as serial download mode as 001000.

i can able to boot the board using the SD card but my target is flashing on eMMC and board bring-up, 

for flashing the emmc i followed the command which is given in linux user guide as below,

i)   sudo uuu  /path to linux images/ image.wic     // *.wic format type 

ii)  sudo uuu  /path to linux images/ image.sdcard     // *.sdcard format type  


i saw some few post in forum but not clear, can any one help me to resolve this issue,


Thanks in advance,


Best Regards