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iMX8M nano Processor Power Down

Question asked by nandish sg on Apr 17, 2020
Latest reply on May 19, 2020 by nandish sg

Hi All,


I want to know more about the iMX8M nano processor, in this processor it has 4x A53-cortex(core0 , core1, core2, core3) and 1x M7-cortex would be there, my queries are as below

1) How to do the Power Down and Power UP for both A53-cortex and M7-cortex ?

2) Is it possible to do Separate Power Down and Power UP for A53-cortex and M7-cortex , if yes then how to do ?

3) If question no.2 answer is not then,

        case1:  Is it A53-cortex controlling or monitoring the power management on M7-cortex or M7-cortex is controlled                           by A53-coretx ?

        case1:  In A53-cortex if i put One core is ON and remaining any one or two or three core in deep sleep mode then

                     M7-cortex also go to sleep mode or not ?  or

       case 2:  If i put the entire A53-cortex in sleep mode then M7-cortex also go to sleep mode or not ?


Thanks in advance 

Best Regards

Nandish S.G