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Generate BEE XIP image on 1015RT

Question asked by Ken Su on Mar 14, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2020 by Felix Shih

Hi, I am new for 1015RT,


My purpose is create a BEE XIP image on my product.

After my study, I think my secure boot for 1015RT can simply separate three type.

1: No any security encrypt for image, after mcuxpresso create the bin. and load into QSPI, it can run.

2. HAB: The mode must run the code into RAM memory, this is not my target, so skip it.

3. BEE XIP encrypt, after mcuxpresso compiler, use a tool to convert to BEE XIP encrypt type.


My question is how to generate BEE XIP file?

Which tool? elftosb ?


I cannot find any "BEE" key word in this tool manual?



From this 

I think I need a image_enc.exe tool.


Should I apply to NXP for this tool?

Because I had apply to NXP for AES128 encrypt tool while I using LPC1830S.