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What USB library for PN7462?

Question asked by Fred Murphy on Mar 15, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2020 by IvanRuiz

I'm currently trying to produce a solution using NFC and USB HID (keyboard emulation). However the documentation on USB for the PN7462 seems confusing and incomplete.


I've found nice clear examples for USB for devices like the K64F using the MCUXpresso USB stack. However, the USB examples for the PN7462 use a ROM-based stack.  Whilst trying to dig into this, I found a useful section in IM10913 titled "5.2 Porting existing LPC USB Virtual Keyboard implementation to PN7462AU" which would appear perfect. However, I'm told that "Specific HID USB class handler is implemented in USBD ROMSTACK and it is available upon request from NXP." It also refers to sample LPC11u14 code in the long since retired lpcxpresso. Searching in this community leads me to dead links under


Is it still possible to get data for this USBD ROM stack? Can I use the newer MCUXpresso ROM stack with the PN7462? The hardware of the PN7462 sounds perfect for my needs, but since buying the expensive dev kit I find the software seems very lacking.