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AOSP 9.0 OTA update for iMX8M Mini

Question asked by Maneesh Singh on Feb 19, 2020
Latest reply on May 17, 2020 by Shivani Patel

Hi Sir,


I am using iMX8M Mini EVK and AOSP 9.0 version and I am able to run AOSP successfully on my EVK board.


Now I am trying to test OTA update on iMX8M Mini EVK for that I referred steps given in in Section 7 of Android user guide.


I followed all the steps given in Section 7 of Android user guide.


I did following steps -


1. Created a full OTA update package using -
$ source build/
$ lunch evk_8mm-userdebug
$ make otapackage -j4


it created a .zip file and it includes payload.bin and payload_properties.txt .


2. And kept these file to my local server and I am able to access it from another computer over wifi.


3. After that I Booted the iMX8M mini EVK and connected the board with same wifi network.. 


4. connected the debug port of iMX8Mini with my laptop and open the console with putty / minicom .


5. Now I am executing below command -


update_engine_client --payload= --update --


NOTE : - I replaced the ip address with my server ip and other payload_properties parameters with my parameter found in
               payload_properties.txt file


But when I run this command on IMX8 (from putty console ) then I get this error and nothing happens.

[0218/] Found a positional argument 'headers=FILE_HASH=EA1rY4uVUN35goXDkeNaPVWj6ueoRNmS3hfOfxL9zgk= FILE_SIZE=440383379 METADATA_HASH=R+TqI4RldiQxOQqUgxZnGXXPgBFs4EXKwXaB2esWgKE= METADATA_SIZE=58809t'. If you want to pass a value to a flag, pass it as --flag=value.
1|evk_8mm:/ $



Any help or suggestion why this issue might be coming ???


And How do I know if this command is working or executing successfully and download is stared ?

and where this OTA files will be downloaded ?