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8 x 1080p MIPI CSI2 cameras capture in iMX8QM

Question asked by Dwarakesh Radhakrishnan on Feb 16, 2020
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I would like to connect 8 1080p@10fps(24bpp max) cameras to iMX8QM. iMX8QM has 2 MIPI CSI2 ports, each capable of 1.5Gbps per lane. I would be using 4 virtual channels per MIPI CSI2 port. There are 8 ISI processing pipeline channels, that i can use to process these data. I would be able to configure a maximum of 2K line per ISI processing channel. So, I think, it is possible to capture and put into memory from 8 cameras at 1080p@10fps(24bpp max) simultaneously. 


I came across below in Errata sheet, which I think applies to Silicon Revision iMX8QM B0 as below:

ERR050066: ISI: Data overflows occur when input streams exceed AXI transaction frequency 

Workaround: "The design target was intended to support up to a single 8 Mpixel (4K) stream at 30 fps, or multiple streams up to the equivalent data rate."


My questions are as follows:

1. Why does this errata workaround say this "multiple streams up to the equivalent data rate of 4K stream"By theory, cannot the ISI processing pipeline(without this Errata, in theory) support processing of 16K(2K per pipeline per channel x 8 such pipeline channels) resolution at the same time ? Is it talking about only the sensor capture ? Even if it is sensor capturing, since there are 2 MIPI CSI2 port each capable of 1.5Gbps per lane(& 4 such lanes), would it not be maximum capture of 8K stream instead of 4K stream  ? Or am I missing out something here ?

2. Is Errata ERR050066 addressed in  C0 revision ? When would iMX8QM C0 Silicon revision release for purchase ?