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Which driver should I use for "Lattice MIPI-DSI to LVDS Soft IP"?

Question asked by Takashi Kashiwagi on Jan 30, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2020 by Takashi Kashiwagi

Hi Community.


We are developing products using i.MX8M Mini. On our board, we use Lattice's "MIPI D-PHY to CMOS Interface Bridge Soft IP"( ) CPLD for MIPI-DSI to LVDS conversion. Parameter setting of CPLD is fixed, and parameter setting by I2C / SPI from CPU is not performed.


I am looking for a simple kernel driver (driver/gpu/drm/panel) only for MIPI-DSI, but I am not sure which one to use.


Which driver is appropriate to use the above Lattice Bridge Soft IP?


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