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JTAG load and execute u-boot on LS1043a and CodeWarrior with custom RCW/DRAM init

Question asked by frank_o on Jan 14, 2020
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We have a LS1043a based custom board and we are adapting LSDK1909 to our customizations.

We currently have a working bl2.pbl (RCW+PBI+ATF_BL2) with our DRAM initialisation in QSPI.  We cannot however pass the BL31 stage for an unknown reason. 

We have read and tested the procedure described in AN12270 Bringing up Layerscape devices using CCS script and DRAM boot.  But since we want to debug why our modifications doesn’t work on our custom board, we would like to use our own RCW+DRAM init code and not rely on Hard coded RCW. Also, our DRAM is different then LS1043ardb/aqds.

Once the ls1043a has booted (RCW+PBI and BL2: bl2_qspi.pbl) and we have manually loaded u-boot in DRAM (address 0x8200 0000); how can we execute code at 0x8200 0000 using CCS or python scripts ?  (Setting ProgramCounter and execute ??)

We use CW4NET 2018.01 ARMv8 ISA and app notes we have found (such as AN4956 u-boot debug using CW) don't look compatible; LSDK1909 uses ATF as bootloader.)