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Running DES-ECB with mmCAU on MKM34Z256VLL7 controller generates HardFault upon executing 'cau_des_encrypt' API.

Question asked by shaik Nisar Ahmed on Jan 9, 2020

Hey Hi all,.

I'm working with MKM34Z256VLL7 controller. I have referred to the example code provided by the NXP for the mmCAU module, and i'm trying to replicate the same.

   => I'm trying to use the TDES API provided in the example code. For this i've created a new IAR Build and tried to replicate the way it is done in the example code.

   => The problem here i face is that the moment i try to execute the 'cau_des_encrypt' API it triggers 'Hard Fault'. Can someone please help me resolve this issue. I have been trying to resolve this since a week. 


NOTE: I have added the IAR Build.