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T1040 FMAN Microcode

Question asked by on Dec 1, 2019
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If i need to load the FMAN microcode to T1040RDB then i will copy the microcode from NOR flash to FMan controller Configuration Data Download Registers using the fm_upload_ucode function. The first step in the fm_upload_ucode function is 1. /* enable address auto increase */ out_be32(&imem->iadd, IRAM_IADD_AIE); 2. /* write microcode to IRAM */ for (i = 0; i < size / 4; i++) out_be32(&imem->idata, (be32_to_cpu(ucode[i]))); As per the DPAA manual, imem->iadd is FMCDADDR i.e address register. So '0' bit corresponds to Auto increment enable and 1-31 bits is the address. 1. Which address does 1-31 bits point to ? 2. Do i need to specify some address in 1-31 bits so that the microcode gets copied to that location? 3. Or does it point to 0th location?