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FLexIO_I2C_Driver problem

Question asked by mohamed ahmed abbas on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2019 by Cristian Zamfirescu

Hello all,

I'm working on S32_116 target specially with I2C Flexio peripheral and I have a confusion about I2C Non-Blocking I have read Doxygen Documentation of this module there's two types of Transmission,Blocking and Non-Blocking and I want to use the Non-Blocking there's an API called "MasterGetStatus" as described in documentation this API must be called once at least to send a byte but when I call it once after Calling API "MasterSendData" and watching the Bus on Digital analyzer it turns out that it sends a bit or something weird.

so my Question is what Exactly This API "MasterGetStatus" did if it's Called once ,cause after testing it turns out that it didn't send a byte at all and what If i want to call "masterGetStatus" in a periodic task every 8ms to handle the transmission cause I have tried it also but the transmission Failed.

Thank you