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RT1060 - use of OCRAM breaks fatfs example

Question asked by Tim Meyer on Oct 6, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2019 by Tim Meyer

I'm working on a FreeRTOS project and plan to use all 1MB of the internal RAM on the RT1060. I've noticed that there is a change in the code behavior based off the location I store the global data.


For example, currently I'm working with the RT1060EVK board with a uSD card and FatFS. I import the example project: evkmimxrt1060_sdcard_fatfs_freertos and change only one setting, which breaks the example. Out of the box, it run as expected. After moving the global data into the OCRAM (from DTCM), the application no longer writes to the SD card.



Can anyone explain to me what I'm missing, and why changing this from SRAM_OC to SRAM_DTC fixes some issues in the SD initialization. 


FYI: the output from the example when it fails is as follows:


SDCARD fatfs freertos example.

Card inserted.

Make file system......The time may be long if the card capacity is big.
Make file system failed.


The example I am running is from SDK version 2.6.2.