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Bluetooth: Receiving files failure

Question asked by Blessy Abraham on Aug 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2020 by dianyuan li

I am using imx7d processor interfaced with the wifi/bluetooth module wl1831. 
I need to transfer files between a the board and a phone. Pairing and connection to the phone is working well using  bluetoothctl. Also sending files from board to the phone is also a success using obexctl.  


While receiving files from phone to the board, i face i below error, 


Aug 16 13:27:34 imx7d obexd[546]: CONNECT(0x0), <unknown>(0xff)
Aug 16 13:27:34 imx7d obexd[546]: CONNECT(0x0), <unknown>(0x0)
Aug 16 13:27:35 imx7d obexd[546]: disconnected: Unicode conversion failed: Conversion from character set “UTF-16BE” to “UTF-8” is not supported.


I followed the below steps to initiate transfer


$ /usr/libexec/bluetooth/obexd -r /home/root -a -d & obexctl 

[2] 564
[NEW] Client /org/bluez/obex
[obex]# Name already in use
connect 8C:BE:BE:03:EA:0D
Attempting to connect to 8C:BE:BE:03:EA:0D
[NEW] Session /org/bluez/obex/client/session3 [default]
[NEW] ObjectPush /org/bluez/obex/client/session3
Connection successful
[NEW] Session /org/bluez/obex/server/session1
[NEW] Transfer /org/bluez/obex/server/session1/transfer0
[DEL] Transfer /org/bluez/obex/server/session1/transfer0
[DEL] Session /org/bluez/obex/server/session1