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RT1050 evkb Unable to download and debug QSPI Flash

Question asked by JingHuan Huang on Aug 6, 2019
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I would to used Qspi flash to boot RT1050 evkb, but be unable to debug and download Qspi flash.


IDE: MCUXpresso

Project Name: Hello word (Example code)


Step 1. On Rt1050 evkb change Hyper Flash to QSPI Flash.


            NOTE: IS25WP064A add 33K Pull-up resistors to WP and RESET PIN.


Step 2. Set Boot Mode switch (OFF, OFF, ON, OFF), and Power ON.


Step 3. Set MCUXpresso

     Setting -> Preprocessor:


     Setting -> MCU Linker -> Managed Linker Script : uncheck "link application to RAM" 


     MCU setting -> Flash Driver select: MIMXRT1050-EVK_IS25WP064A.cfx


Step 4. Modify xip file (evkmimxrt1020_flexspi_nor_config.c)

      Change hyperflash_config to qspiflash_config



Step 5. Check the qspiflash_config parameter in the 0x60000000 ( .map)


Step 6. Create Link Server Debug  


Debug Information:

Result : Thread run ROMCP code, it can’t run user code(0x60002000)


Disassembly 0x60000000(QSPI Flash) address



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