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Mifare 1K TAG Read and Write using KEYB

Question asked by SELVARAJ KARUPPASAMY on Aug 1, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2019 by SELVARAJ KARUPPASAMY

Hi ,

Here using PN512 Reader for our Project.And Using Mifare 1K Tag.

For KeyA Based Authentication ,Read and Write Operation which getting success.

For KeyB only getting Authentication Success.Read and Write Operation getting Fail.

This will be on Default Access Bit- FF078069 and Both Keys are <FF FF FF FF FF FF>.

Same type of some NXP 1K Cards Getting Success on KEYB Read and Write.

 For Success and Fail Status Response Below from PN512.


Authentication of block 08 successful, continue operation.
Mifare Read: Block=08, Data:
Authentication of block 08 successful, continue operation.
*** ERROR! MifareRead: Block=08, Status = 091b
Here 091b- refers to NACK detected.(negative acknowledgement)


Please give the Solution for this Issue.