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Chip JN5169 hanging in Runing

Question asked by Xuanpu Gu on Jul 31, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2019 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

We find that JN5169 is hanging under some unknown circumstances. We control JN5169 reboot every 1min, after rebooting about 5hours, JN5169 board report ERROR: Extended status 82 and ERROR: Extended status 89 over 10 times, and then hang. When hanging, JN5169 no print, no timero runing, no DIO working, no communicating with host via uart1. After lasting about 8hours, we power JN5169 board again, and problem disappears.


We guess that JN5169 is hanging, and watchdog on chip doesnot work.


My environment:

1Host+1Coord+16Router, and topo is star

Our code is based on AN1229, with SDK 4170_v1840


I have some questions:

1.What is the clock source of watchdog on chip? systick, gptimer, orwakeup timer?

2.What is the reason of 10 times ERROR: Extended status 82 and ERROR: Extended status 89?

3.Is there some reason that SDK could be hanged without watchdog reboot?

4.What is the most relative reason of this?