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LPTMR0 Clocked from ERCLK32K  in LLS mode of MK60

Question asked by Gangadhar rao on Jul 23, 2019
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I am configuring MK60 controller in LLS mode with wake up interrupt from LPTMR0.




LPTMR0 is sourced from RTC_Oscillator (source to ERCLK32K). 


SIM_SOPT1 |= (SIM_SOPT1_OSC32KSEL_MASK); /* RTC oscillator drives 32 kHz clock for various peripherals */


 LPTMR0 is working fine in Normal Run mode but when it enters the LLS mode, LPTMR0 stopped. But according to 

Power Management for Kinetis MCUs document, LPTimer should work.



Could you tell me, if i am missing anything in configuration .


Thank you.